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100 Things Challenge: Sawyer

So, apparently, LJ's doing this new thing now. If you mention someone in a post, say if I were to say "I love a_phoenixdragon because she's awesomesauce," it would show up in her inbox as saying that I mentioned her in a post. I know they've had the thing where you get a comment in your post if someone mentioned that post, but this is something entirely new.

8. Sawyer (Lost)
I've always loved Sawyer. I saw right past his act from the beginning of season one, and while Christina was saying what an ass he was, I was saying "misunderstood." He put on this bad boy image, but with what he went through in his life, it was a giant shield to keep everyone at bay. I can understand that. Past the third season, I think, when they started screwing everything up and changing the characters completely, I would say that the ones I could identify the most with were him and Kate, because I got them. So, while the rest of the characters I like because of how they are in the series, I love him because of the backstory combined with what he became because of those things.
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